Bristol based Computer Science student, with an interest in front-end development and graphic design. Available for freelance work.

I am a third year computer science student currently studying at the University of Exeter. I have a background in both programming and graphic design, with programming being my main interest. I am always free for any interesting freelance work/projects, as long as they don't clash with uni. I have made this website to showcase my various projects/anything I’ve been working on. If you have any queries or questions, feel free to message me through one of the various channels of communication I’ve provided in the contact section.


I design beautiful and interactive websites using languages such as HTML/CSS and JavaScript, alongside a variety of frameworks including Bootstrap and jQuery.


With a knowledgeable background in Java, as well as an understanding of PHP, AJAX and SQL/MySQL, I am able to implement the functional aspects of websites and databases.

Graphic Design

From logo design to UI/UX development, I design high quality and well-thought-out work. Using software such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, I produce aesthetic work.





Exeter University
BSc in Computer Science
2015 - 2018

During my time studying computer science at university I was able to learn the theoretical components necessary to build a strong foundation comprised of the core concepts which are central to computer science; from studying discrete maths and logic in year one, to learning about and analysing the most influential algorithms and data structures in year two, to designing and developing my own cross-platform mobile application whilst adhering to the strict principles of the agile lifecycle development process for my dissertation in year three. As well as learning about the theoretical aspects of computer science, I was also given the opportunity to continuously develop and refine my programming skills through workshops, laboratories, and coursework projects.

Relevant Skills:
City of Bristol College
Maths, Engineering Maths, Physics
2014 - 2015

It was at City of Bristol College where I learned the theoretical components necessary to enable me to study computer science at a higher level. This course lasted one year, and was an “Access to Higher Education” qualification (equivalent to A Levels). A wide variety of units were covered, with the three subjects being: Pure Maths, Engineering Maths, and Physics. I successfully passed every module, receiving mostly Distinctions and Merits (the top two grades).

Relevant Skills:
Bath College
Graphic Design
2013 - 2014

I studied graphic design at Bath College from September 2013 to May 2014. Here I studied a number of modules, these included: Contextual Studies, Digital Design, Illustration, Information Graphics, Packaging Design, and Typography. The course was a two year course, but after the first year I decided to leave halfway through in order to pursue Maths and Physics in order to be able to study Computer Science at university. During my time at Bath College I gained valuable design skills, which have heavily influenced my love of front-end development.

Relevant Skills:

Employment History / Work Experience

Graduate Software Engineer
Jun 2018 - Present

Working with a variety of software types, ranging from embedded applications to general app design, whilst following the agile software development lifecycle. Programming languages used are generally C, C++, and C#, however this can change depending on which platform is being developed for and which language is most suitable.

Relevant Skills:
Volunteer Programming Teacher
Sep 2017 - Jan 2018

Volunteered as part of 'ExWeb', where I helped teach other university students web design through weekly workshops. The languages covered were HTML/CSS, and JavaScript.

Relevant Skills:
Web Developer - Summer Internship
Jul - Sep 2017

I designed the website for the Industrial Design and Human Factors Engineering department of the special projects division at Renishaw. Using HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery and Bootstrap, I created a modern website which was able to showcase the various services that the department offered. Other tasks included requirements capturing via interviewing stakeholders to determine the necessary components for the website, as well as designing graphics in Photoshop and Illustrator for the website.

Relevant Skills:
Vue Cinemas
Training Buddy
Feb 2011 - Feb 2018

Responsible for the training of new employees and helping them work to a high standard. I also had extra roles such as being responsible for the management of onsite marketing and film advertisements. I successfully completed the overhaul of the out-dated physical records system used to keep track of the cinemas film posters, transitioning it to a digital database, which helped improve efficiency. Other duties included providing excellent customer service to members of the public, and also preparing food and beverages. Won awards for being one of the top salespeople and was as also sent on a Safety Training course and received a certificate in 'Mobile Aluminium Access Towers, Steps, Ladders and WAHR'.

Relevant Skills:


Want to contact me regarding any potential projects/work? Send me a message below, or contact me on one of the alternative methods provided, and i'll reply as soon as possible.